Changelog #4: Introducing company wide tech catalog

ยง๐Ÿค– Feature: Company wide technology catalog

#249 Tech catalog

After one month of beta, the most requested feature from all the testers was the global technology catalog. An easy way to get all the technologies, Cloud, SaaS and third parties used inside an engineering organisation, available in one click without any human intervention.

  1. ๐Ÿš€ Always up to date, the catalog is automatically refreshed on each git push or manual update
  2. ๐Ÿ”Ž Find what you need with pre filtered views and related technologies
  3. ๐Ÿ“ˆ Detect underused or redundant technologies with usage percentage across your company

Wether you are joining a new company, creating a new product inside an org, or auditing a company; this feature will come in handy and save you hours of manual discovery.

In the weeks to come, more features will be build on top of this catalog. You can share your feedback or suggestions to

ยง๐Ÿ› Bug fixes, minor updates

Found an issue? You can reach out on Twitter or Discord.

Minor updates

  1. a2f7d39 differentiate cloud and hosting

If a technology/saas is missing in Specfy please make a request on GitHub.

  1. 8dc48f6 - support for Adyen
  2. 34f23a0 - support for Apache Hadoop
  3. 03bebe3 - support for Apache Hive
  4. 8f79bae - support for Apache Solr
  5. 127745b - support for AtlasGo
  6. c713d8b - support for AWS Kafka
  7. ea48763 - support for Checkov
  8. a8cdbed - support for Chef
  9. 3630ec9 - support for Commercetools
  10. b8bfcc3 - support for D3
  11. 95e0c13 - support for Gatsby
  12. 57e02c3 - support for GolangCI Lint
  13. efc4b12 - support for
  14. cb327c3 - support for HyperDX
  15. d40e522 - support for IBM Cloud
  16. 4eb20fd - support for IFTT
  17. 2b798a9 - support for Intercom
  18. 0b0b03a - support for Joomla
  19. 549b566 - support for Koyeb
  20. 79e7d97 - support for Linear
  21. fe76a1f - support for Logstash
  22. c3cb7cb - support for more pkg for Coveralls
  23. a303075 - support for more pkg for Electron
  24. a632c37 - support for Optimizely
  25. d656ad5 - support for Papertrail
  26. 51e2a50 - support for Prestashop
  27. 03d5439 - support for RedwoodJs
  28. 3a00b19 - support for Rollbar
  29. a5ecfc5 - support for Scout APM
  30. 7c69754 - support for some cloud version
  31. 5c7eb36 - support for Supabase Realtime
  32. dda684a - support for Tensorflow
  33. 685e8cf - support for Thrift
  34. 818aba2 - support for Vercel Edge

With this update, Specfy now supports +300 SaaS and Cloud Provider.

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