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Always up-to-date software catalog. All your tech insights in one platform, built for your engineering org.

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You use it,
we catalog it

Forget text documentation, spreadsheets and manual listing. We catalog all your infrastructure, SaaS, third-parties and major technologies inside your repositories and refresh it on every commit. Specfy automatically detects more than 400 technologies.

Specfy support all major cloud providers, SaaS and set of technologies
A graph of interconnection between SaaS, services and cloud provider

Discover and understand your production

Keep track of all your productions environments in a single platform, understand how they communicate with each other and highlight dependencies between them.

Query, Update, Collaborate

Easily find the relevant information, add more details, introduce your new teammates to your stack, prototype your next infrastructure. The content evolves with your company.

A list of versioned update inside a project

Cover all your use cases

Operate a future-proof and composable infrastructure. Take high-impact decision faster and more reliably with a platform that centralizes knowledge for your entire team.

Control and consolidate your stack across all your engineering teams, understand and discover without digging the code.

  • Highlight duplicates resources
  • Exhaustive list of SaaS and Third-Parties
  • Find discrepancy in productions

Proud to be open source

View the full source code, contribute or even self-host if you’d like.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Specfy store my source code?

We only clone repo that you allowed us to, in a short lived container using a temp token. The code is always deleted after use.

What is Specfy storing?

We only keep metadata, e.g: service name, dependencies, technology used, etc.

I want to review what Specfy is doing with my code

The platform is fully open-source, you can check the code on Github.