Changelog #2: Deployment logs and GitHub Actions support

This week I continue to tackle customers feedback, quality of life improvement and increase the SaaS detection coverage.

ยง๐Ÿค– Feature: Components and Edges Visibility

#224 Full deployment logs

One of the main feedback I got in the last 2 weeks, when it works it's great but when there is an issue with the deploys it's hardly possible to debug the problem. I knew it would quickly be an issue so it was already on the roadmap but I quickly put it on top following many recent customers questions. You can now view the full execution logs for all deployments, along with the content that will be uploaded and any error that could have happened.

Only deploys after today will have full logs available

ยง๐Ÿค– Feature: GitHub Action data source

#48 Add support for GitHub Actions

One of big additions this week was the integration of GitHub Actions as a data source. We are now able to parse and import workflows files to find additional components and SaaS. This is helpful to track CI, Build tools, and third-party that do not necessitate installation locally.

ยง๐Ÿ› Bug fixes, minor updates

Found an issue? You can reach out on Twitter or Discord.

Bug Fixes

  1. #220 - Deployment now correctly diff blobs and should not create revisions when nothing has changed
  2. a6a142 - New components were overlapping previously positionned components
  3. dfbf71 - Some components metadata were not updated at deploy time

Minor updates

If a technology/saas is missing in Specfy please make a request on GitHub.

  1. 9d03341 add support for Ansible
  2. 8c7fbe6 add support for AWS CodeBuild
  3. e2120a5 add support for Elasticcloud
  4. 4a6d85e add support for Electron
  5. 0da2814 add support for GCP App Engine
  6. 72145e7 add support for GitGuardian
  7. b101bed add support for Klarna
  8. f9bd562 add support for LemonSqueezy
  9. d921821 add support for Lighthouse
  10. 07ee973 add support for Playwright
  11. 1bcf9db add support for Postmark
  12. eb1ee23 add support for Cloudflare Pages
  13. a4574c9 add support for Cloudflare Workers
  14. 6c20b0f add support for Codecov
  15. ccb4352 add support for Coveralls
  16. a813809 add support for Jira
  17. 831b854 add support for Vialink
  18. 120c32f add support for Yousign
  19. 171fa12 add more packages for Slack
  20. e0098c4 add more packages for Terraform

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