Changelog #1: A succesful launch, first contributor and first major features

I will try to write an update on the product every week or so during the beta. This first edition is about the launch and the very first major features.

§🚀 Launch

On Tuesday, 5th, Specfy made its official debut. The momentum from the Product Hunt launch carried well beyond the initial 24 hours, resulting in thousands of visitors frequenting in the subsequent days, and still going strong.

This visibility led to Specfy acquiring a diverse user base, from curious non-technical individuals to seasoned CTOs. With new users came invaluable feedback and, inevitably, the first reports of bugs—both crucial for enhancing product stability.

Notably, these initial users also shared their first feature requests, highlighting the community's engagement and investment in Specfy's evolution.

§🤖 Feature: PHP Support via composer.json

#32 Add support for PHP

One of big additions this week was the integration of basic PHP support through composer.json. We are now able to import PHP projects, read composer.json and extract metadata from there, it's also compatible with monorepos. Notably: This feature was requested by one of our first beta tester. If you are interested in improving the PHP support, go to the repository responsible for the parsing @specfy/stack-analyser and contribute.

§🤖 Feature: Components and Edges Visibility

#216 Component and Edges visibility

With the myriad of packages and folders, monorepos can end up visually cluttered in the Flow page. I knew it would quickly be an issue so it was a planned feature for the first week of the beta. Right now the only solution was too delete everything that wasn't interesting. The problem is that, due to Specfy very own nature -- syncing from a source of truth -- then it would just recreate the missing components at next deploy. This enhancement allows users to reduce unnecessary visual noise without loosing the underlying data and keeping the same state over deployments.

Click the eye to show or hide, components and edges

With this update it's no longer possible to delete components that were found in GitHub. This allow Specfy to effectively know that you are hidding the components on purpose and not just missing.

§🐛 Bug fixes, minor updates and first contributor

Thanks to all the users that registered and the ones that reached out (on Twitter or Discord), I fixed the first few bugs and improved some bad UX.

Bug Fixes

  1. [1e93bdb] Harcoded mention of branch name conflicting with custom deploy configuration
  2. [a105730] Deploy config was not stored at job creation, leading to desync at runtime
  3. [51884ca] UI: fix load state for organization view, and project view; remove unecesary step in component creation

Minor updates

If a technology/saas is missing in Specfy please make a request on GitHub.

  1. Add support for "PHP Pest"
  2. Add support for "Brevo"
  3. Add support for "Matomo"
  4. Add support for "Nextcloud"
  5. Add support for "Meilisearch"
  6. Add support for "GCP Dataflow"
  7. Add support for "GCP Memorystore "
  8. Add support for "GCP KMS"
  9. Add support for "GCP Dialogflow"
  10. Add support for "GCP Tasks"
  11. Add support for "GCP Spanner"

First contributor ever

Special mention goes to Haroen Viaene (@Haroenv) who marked their presence as the first contributor.

In closing, the first week of beta has been a whirlwind of activity, learnings, and rapid developments. I invite everyone to continue testing, critique and sending feedback, this is invaluable for me and Specfy.

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